Beautiful places for trekking near Bangalore

The number of trekkers increases day by day as new suitable places for trekking are discovered regularly mostly unheard of remote locations, untouched, where adventure becomes synonymous with the place names. In India does not require any official introduction since there are millions of people do trekking every day regardless of time. The geographical features of India are unique which help trekking grow from height to height. It’s good for your spirit, It’s excellent for your health.

You can see amazing sorts of landscapes and beautiful views. You will meet kind and interesting people. It is going to be the greatest experience in your trip, and maybe in your whole life! The full concept of “trek” is something we don’t really meet in our regular western way of traveling. So, it is still nothing like trekking particularly in the hill region we are going to speak about here. Bangalore is also called the green city. The Bangalore always enjoys a moderate temperature all throughout the year. The months between September and February see the highest tourist inflow.

The summer season is pleasant in Bangalore. When the whole country is exhausted by the heat, the temperature of the city never crosses 35 degree Celsius. Rainy season is also blissful but it’s better to avoid the monsoon season. The most pleasant monsoon during the winter season. The temperature is always soothing but not dipping than 10 degrees. The winter season is the best time to plan a visit as the city. There is also adventurous places near Bangalore. For all the trekking lovers must see the below places.

Nandi Hills

 Nandi hills Bangalore is one of the most famous weekend spots from Bangalore. Biking is also a trend in the Nandi hills. People love to spend time there. Nandi Hills comprises 5 peaks; Nandi Giri, Brahmagiri, Skandagiri, Chandragiri & Govardanagiri. Brahmagiri Hill is popularly known as Nandi One. It is the twin peak of Nandi Hill View Point. This hill is one of the trails that will bring out the inner child in you.

The patches and lush green vegetation that require boulder hopping are a treat to the senses. The Nandi hills viewpoints offer a bird’s eye view of roads cutting through farmlands below. The eucalyptus groves in the hills at the start of the trail will de-stress you right away. Also, the region is filled with amusing stories, both real and mythological. So the next trekking work gets on your nerves, pack a picnic and head with your family to Nandi One!!! To reach this place, one has to drive on Bellary Road and pass the Bangalore International Airport. Then you should take left in ‘Nandi Hill – Muddenahalli’ turn. Then follow the road to Nandi Hill, begin the climb till the saddle between twin peaks.


Tadiyandamol Trek, Coorg

 Tadiyandamol is a destination for trekking near Bangalore. It is situated on the top of 1,748 meters from the sea level. Tadiyandamol is host to amateur and seasoned trekkers all throughout the year as they try and conquer the mighty peak of this mountain. Tadiyandamol is a perfect place for a quick getaway from the infuriate rush of the city.

It offers great opportunities for trekking, sightseeing and adventure activities and hence is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Coorg. Trekking in Coorg is a perfect trek for both domestic and international travellers and reaching of elevation 1,748 is the good experience.

Today getaway is ideal for nature loving families, couples, backpackers and corporate guests. The 15 km trek to Tadiyandamol is nothing short of exciting. The winsome and landscape of Coorg that attracts several travellers. On the top of the hill feel the pride as you conquer the highest peak of the destination. The feet of the hill is rewarded with sweeping views of green forests and coffee plantations.


Ramanagara Trek

Ramanagara hill is situated at just a distance of 50 km from the IT hub! For the freak opting for trekking in Ramanagara, it is certain to offer beautiful treks. Ramanagara offers a host of adventure activities. Do you want to go to the next level and test your physical strength, rappelling is also at your disposal? Chimney climbing and Rock climbing are also amongst the options. You should certainly be happy about the option of mountain biking, go-carting and high rope traverse.

The wide range of options is also available like target shooting. Want to explore some water sports? You can simply go swimming or kayaking. Ramanagara has cave exploration to offer to perform any of the activities during the day, and at night you can just relax at the camp and bonfire.

These options should make it just the right choice for team building activities. Many companies can plan activities for the teams during the weekend. The type of activity can be selected from the host of activities listed above. For this trekking carry all your required supplies like the torch and get set to explore the adventure capital Ramanagara!!


Brahmagiri Trek, Coorg

Brahmagiri is located at 1608 m above sea level, is a hill range on the Western Ghats bordering Kerala and Karnataka. This hill is situated on the border between Wayanad District of Kerala state on the south and Kodagu District in Karnataka on the north side. You can pack your bags and head to this trekkers paradise that is graced by the ancient Thirunelli temple in the Wayanad district on the south and adorned by Kodagu district of Karnataka Iruppu falls in the north.

From Kerala, you have to begin the trekking at Thirunelli. And from Karnataka, you have to begin the trekking from Iruppu falls. For this trekking permission from the Thirunelli Forest Range Officer and Srimangala Forest Range Officer has to be taken while trekking. The nearest town of Brahmagiri hill is Kutta, Srimangala, and Gonikkoppal. Guide for this trekking is compulsory and his charges will range around INR 200.