Best Trekking Places For Family In India

India is a vast and varied country, having numerous spots to visit and investigate. Climbing goals in India is expansive and immense. With regards to climbing in India, India has a lot of spots where this action is conceivable. Climbing is a decent method to encounter and welcome the outside with family and connect with nature.

1.Singalia Ridge:

Singalila Ridge is the global fringe among India and Nepal. In this way, one can expect a wonderful landscape here. The trekking trail navigates through the Singalila National Park, which is an energizing piece of the trek. You can appear around to your children the various types of both widely varied vegetation. Appreciate the excellence of rhododendron and orchids plantations and stroll in the midst of the conifers. The perspective on the grand Everest, Kanchenjunga and Lhotse Mountain is one more treat during Singalila Ridge Trek. Your children and even you have the chance to find out about the way of life of Tibet and Nepal. As a family, this will be a noteworthy trek as there is such a great amount to watch, assimilate and appreciate!!

2.Har ki doon

Har ki Doon is a support formed valley and is a heaven for trekkers, feathered creature watchers and nature darlings. Sparkling mountain tops and thick pine backwoods encompass this valley. In addition, the entire valley looks totally beautiful during the blooming season in a rainstorm. Har ki Doon trek is situated at a height of 3,556 M, at the base of Fetch Pravat. This trek will take you to one of the least investigated Garhwal Himalayan locales. The best time to go for this trek is between June to October as, during the remainder of the year, the locale remains either freezing or wet. These outrageous conditions are bad in the event that you are going with your youngsters.


Hiking in Garhwal is constantly an invigorating encounter. You trek through bloom knolls and thick backwoods. The Har Ki Doon Valley presents you changed widely varied vegetation. Climbing through the Har Ki Doon Valley is a 50-mile trip. It is just for trekkers who like to climb in reasonable climate conditions. You will climb through a consistent slope in the valley and is generally simpler contrasted with the Himalayan path where you need to explore from one valley to the next. Geologically it is situated in the Garhwal Himalayas, the Har Ki Doon valley is support moulded however you can’t see its shape when on the ground! There are various snow-shrouded tops right now. The snow-capped vegetation is one of the prime attractions in these locales. The valley is snow-clad all through October to March which is, for the most part, stayed away from. The climbing trails through this valley go through remote towns, for example, Gangaad, Seema and not to overlook Osla which is a medium-term outdoors spot. 

4.Chembra Peak:

The Chembra Peak trek, among the pleasant Wayanad Hills of Kerala, is thoroughly considered as one of the most famous wilderness treks in the southern landmass. Roosted at a tallness of 2,100 m above ocean level, the Chembra top is additionally perhaps the most elevated top in the Western Ghats and is famous among the guests for its unadulterated lovely greenness and common appeal. The Wayanad belt is famous for its incredible lavish shrubberies and the Chembra trek happens through the profound giant timberlands developing on the slants of the slopes, making you cross through diverse tints of rich green wild mixed with foggy mists. The trek takes around four hours to finish and the path offers the common magnificence of the Western Ghats in its most genuine structure. One of the most famous highlights of the trek is the heart-formed lake situated close to the pinnacle, known as the Love Lake.

5. Mawthadraishan Peak:

The trek to Mawthadraishan top starts from Nongshillong town on Shillong-Nongstoin Road. The path goes through the pleasant Khasi slopes of Meghalaya. It takes around two hours to arrive at the top from where you can have an all-encompassing perspective on the encompassing slopes and the fields of Assam. On a crisp morning, you can likewise observe the Himalayas in the north. Not a long way from the pinnacle is a spot called Mawphanlur where you will discover a few pools. From Mawphanlur, you can trek past Markasa to reach Nongshillong. The whole trek will take a decent piece of the day. It is smarter to be joined by a neighbourhood manage.