Kodai Kanal treking – what you need to know

Nature is at its finest in Kodaikanal – the Queen of Hills; the green vistas and misty mountains always beckoning the adventure enthusiast and the trekker alike. The hill town in Tamil Nadu is a centre point from where many thrilling treks begin. From easy to moderate level treks, amateur, as well as expert trekkers, can have their share of fun in the lap of the Kodaikanal mountains. 

Things to know:

Kodaikanal is believed to be one of the most beautiful hill stations by tourists, yet much to their dismay about it being an incredible trekking place as well. Kodaikanal offers many trekking courses to experience sweethearts dependent fair and square of the trouble of the trek. Trekkers can pick the sort of trek they need to seek after dependent on their mastery level. A couple of trekking courses in Kodaikanal lead to Dolphin’s Nose, Bear Shola Falls, Devil’s Kitchen and Pine Forests. Out of these, the popular trek spot Dolphin’s Nose, situated ways off of 8 km from the principal city, is the most famous. It is at a height of 6600 feet and offers a breathtaking, all-encompassing perspective on the encompassing zone. 

1.Dolphin Nose: 

The most decided on and mainstream trails in Kodaikanal, this is a medium level trek that will take you through the Pambar Bridge and through a truly obvious path. This is the best trekking trail for either apprentice or in the event that you have a few older folks with you. When coming to the peak, you will see a level stone that is formed like a Dolphin’s nose, consequently the name. There are many astounding perspectives right now, the most popular of which is the Echo Point. 

2. Column Rock 

Presently we dig into the hard class of trekking trails. In the event that you need to work out and overcome one of the hardest trekking trails in Kodaikanal, Pillar Rock trek is the best alternative for you. The trek begins somewhat unpleasant, as it takes you through the rocks that are vertically adjusted and column formed. This trek will take at least 4 hours to arrive at the top, so you should begin with it early. Taking a guide with you will be useful, as they can explore you around to some really concealed diamonds in the path like Guna Caves, which were shaped from the chasm of the Pillar shakes, and are just about 3000 feet down.

3. Pine Forest Trek: 

This is a charming trek through the legacy pine backwoods save of Kodaikanal. A genuinely simple trek, likewise a significant touring spot, the Kodaikanal pine backwoods are thick, lavish, and all around kept up. Alongside pine trees, you will discover shola and eucalyptus trees and pretty mushrooms. Numerous motion pictures of the south are shot here and the spot is referred to as a photographic artist’s paradise. You can likewise camp here in the wake of acquiring important authorizations. 

4. Quiet Valley: 

Not exclusively are these must-visit touring spots, however, they are likewise respectably simple treks to high mountains that give staggering perspectives from their summits. Both are situated at Enroute Berijam Lake. Trails are unmistakable, despite the fact that haze may obstruct your perspectives in many cases. Tops Fly Valley is acclaimed for its environmental weight, where any light item when tossed noticeable all around, comes back to you. 

Trekking Routes: 

1) Kodaikanal-Dolphin’s Nose-Vallagavi-Kumbakkarai (8-km/5 mile) – It takes 5 to 6 hours. The arrival excursion would be unpleasant and the climbing needs a solid constitution. 

2) Kodai-Thopi thokki parai-Periyar Periyakulam – Roughly a 5 hours and 19-km/12 mile trek, incorporates soak rise and one can have a look at Guar. Coffee estates are in plenitude. 

3)Kodai-Vilpatty-Ganesapuram-Puliamarathope-Palani – A 6 hours trek of 16-km/10 mile separation, takes you to Vilpatty town and from that point, a crisscross steep way runs along the stream Palar. Elephants may cross. Be alert. 

4) Kukkal-Kudiraiyar Dam – A troublesome 13-km/8 mile-long trek course takes 5 hours for a prepared trekker. Cascades, Sholas and deciduous woodlands will stimulate intrigue. 

5) Pallangi-Poruthalur Dam – A 5-hour trek covering 14-km/9 mile goes through sholas, Teak backwoods and estates.