Divine Places for trekking in Mumbai You Shouldn’t Missed Out

Trekking is referred to walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. This type of trekking usually takes place on trails in areas of relatively unspoiled wilderness. You can see amazing sorts of landscapes and beautiful views. You will meet kind and interesting people. Mumbai is one of the best places for trekking.

It is going to be the greatest experience in your trip, and maybe in your whole life! The full concept of “trek” is something we don’t really meet in our regular western way of travelling. So, it is still nothing like trekking particularly in the hill region we are going to speak about here.

Trekking in Mumbai city is one of the best things to do over a weekend. Maharashtra is surrounded by stunning mountain ranges and forts. Kalavantin Durg trek, Korigad Fort Trek, Rajmachi Trek, are some of the best spots for trekking near Mumbai. If you are an adventure junkie, the best is to trek up the forts, do some camping at the best trekking places in Mumbai.


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The Kalsubai peak perched at an altitude of 5400 feet (1646 m) and it is the highest peak in Maharashtra. The Kalsubai mount lies within the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary.  The peak is a very small plateau and offers a commanding view of nearby forts and Bhandardara Dam. The peak was used for keeping watch on their enemies during the Maratha rule in the region.

Kalsubai Temple is situated in the topmost peak of Sahyadri mountain range of Maharashtra. Kalsubai peak is a famous trekking destination in Maharashtra. The trekking route attracts a large number of visitors, some to conquer the highest peak in Maharashtra, some trek to Kalsubai to visit Mandir and offer prayers to local deity Kalsubai. The temple has an old well, where the water level never drops below 3 feet.

A religious festival is organized by the locals at this temple during Navratri. To reach that place there are various trekking routes. The most famous route starts from the village of Baari which is about 10 km from Bhandardara. To reach the village of Baari, one has to travel to Igatpuri on the Mumbai Nashik route. The Waki River, a tributary of Pravara, takes origin on its eastern slope and flows like a stream through the outer fringes of Baari.

There is a Hanuman temple near to the stream and it provides an important landmark to commence the trek as well as a resting post for those returning from their trek. The trek in this route is a mix of easy to moderate slopes as well as treacherous rocky outcrops overlooking the valley below.

The authority person has built three iron ladders along the vertical hill slopes to make the trekking route convenient and safe. It mostly takes 3 hours to reach Kalsubai summit from Baari village. The route from Indore is relatively unexplored as not many people are aware of it.

The route through Indore is raw with stone steps and a huge iron chain for support at dangerous patches. Anyone can also do a night trek in winter and enjoy the beautiful sunrise at Kalsubai. The place is very cold in Kalsubai with strong wind.


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It is one of the best places to visit in Lonavala and also one of the popular historical places in Maharashtra that can be visited as part of Lonavala tour packages. Perched a hillock at an altitude of 1050 m, the fort separates the Indrayani basin from the Pawna basin. It is also among the popular trekking places to visit near Pune & Mumbai. In Maharastra Lohagad Fort is one of the most visited forts and among popular heritage sites near Pune.

In the recent days, the fort has been declared as a protected monument by the government. The hill fort is designed in the shape of the tail of a scorpion. The fort can be reached from any of its four entrances, namely Maha Darwaja, Ganesh Darwaja, Hanuman Darwaja, and Narayan Darwaja. The sculpting can be seen on the Maha Darwaja and there is a small cave at the third gate which was initially used for storage of food material.

The fort is still intact in all the four gates. This place makes an ideal trekking destination for trekkers from Pune and Mumbai because of its accessibility, ease of trek and lush green surroundings. Lohagad trek is very popular, especially during monsoons. Malavli is just 7km from Lohagad, the base of the trek. This trek is a simple, very scenic and pleasant trek and the distance from Malavli and Lohagad can be covered in two hours. If one has to explore the fort along with the trek till Vinchukata and view the Mumbai Pune Expressway then 2 hours is a good time.

Harishchandragad Fort Trek :

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Harishchandragad Fort Trek at a height of 4,671ft. Fort is an amazing trekking place near Mumbai that provides you with grand views of the beautiful state of Maharashtra. This historic fort blend holds a raw and rustic appeal to it – wrapped amidst thick blankets of vegetation, the entire trek strives for an enthralling journey.

This outstanding fort can be accessed through seven different routes, however, the Khireshwar route that takes you through luxuriant forests and landscapes is the most popular route among all trekkers. Charm yourself with luscious forests, lovely green hills and rustic aura of the entire place.


Rajmachi Fort :

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It is the historical fort amidst the rugged hills of Sahyadri is a popular destination for nature lovers, travelers, and trekkers. Start trekking from Kondhane caves or Tungarli Lake only for experienced trekker. The trek from the base village is clearly marked and it generally takes around one hour to reach the top.

Many shelters all along the trail, which helps to catch your breath. Trekking in monsoon just is extra cautious as the route becomes little slippery. Because of monsoon, somewhere near the Tungarli Lake, the road was in very bad condition.

Peb fort :

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The trekking adventure in Maharashtra, Peb fort in Raigad is the ideal spot. On 26th June 2016, Sunday morning, you will catch Karjat local train from CST at 05.55 AM and outreach Neral by 07.45 AM. They have delicious breakfast and take a cab to Matheran and get down near Peb junction to start the trek. Pep Fort is one of the best trekking places in Mumbai. Start trekking uphill climb and navigate through some lush green paths to get to the top of the hill. Once you reach Peb Fort, explore the historic architecture and taste the lip-smacking lunch with a spectacular view. Post lunch, then start your downhill trek and reach the base. Post which departs back and reaches Mumbai by 06.00 PM.

The number of trekkers increases day by day as new suitable places for trekking are discovered regularly and mostly unheard of remote locations, untouched, where adventure becomes synonymous with the place names. In India does not require any official introduction since there are millions of people do trekking every day regardless of time.

The geographical features of India are unique which help trekking grow from height to height. It’s good for your spirit, It’s excellent for your health.