Top 3 Adventures Trekking in Maharashtra Must Visit With Family

Trekking is referred to walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. This type of trekking usually takes place on trails in areas of relatively unspoiled wilderness. The number of trekkers increases day by day as new suitable places for trekking are discovered regularly and mostly unheard of remote locations, untouched, where adventure becomes synonymous with the place names.

In India does not require any official introduction since there are millions of people do trekking every day regardless of time. The geographical features of India are unique which help trekking grow from height to height. It’s good for your spirit, It’s excellent for your health. You can see amazing sorts of landscapes and beautiful views. You will meet kind and interesting people. It is going to be the greatest experience in your trip, and maybe in your whole life!

The full concept of “trek” is something we don’t really meet in our regular western way of travelling. So, it is still nothing like trekking particularly in the hill region we are going to speak about here. Maharashtra offers a lot of places for trekking enthusiasts to enjoy and go back refreshed and re-energized.

Maharashtra is blessed with several hill stations and rocky terrains and best suited for outdoor activities such as trekking. The best season to travel is winter through the verdant green landscapes and go on trekking in Maharashtra in the most pleasing weather. Lately, monsoons have also enchanted tourists to experience the magnificent waterfalls and lush greenery. Some experience in trekking trails advances through breathtaking vistas of the landscape, while others are sprinkled with remains of history.



The Ratangad Fort is popular places to visit in Bhandardara and the place leaves visitors spellbound with its rich heritage. The height of the fort is 4250 feet. Ratangad Fort is the 400-year-old fort, which was used by Maratha warrior Shivaji. Initially, the fort was ruled by the Mughals and it was conquered by Shivaji Maharaj. It has a natural rock peak with a cavity at the top which is called Nedhe or Eye of the Needle.

The fort has four gates known as Ganesh, Hanuman, Konkan, and Trimbak. In Ratangad Fort, there are one of the caves is smaller and can accommodate 8-10 people, while the other cave is larger and can accommodate 40-50 people. It also has many wells on the top. The Ratanwadi base village has Amruteshwar Temple which is famous for its carvings. The Pravara River originates in Ratangad Fort. At that place, two drops of Amrut was dropped and water started flowing out from Ratangad continuously resulting in the river Pravara hence the name ‘Amrutvahini‘.

There are numerous trekking trails near this fort, from where tourists get a beautiful view of the valley in the Sahyadri mountain range. The trek from Ratanwadi to Ratangad, base village of Ratangad trek, would take about 3 to 4 hours one way. It is an undulating trail will take visitors through small fields and thick forests.

Everyone has to cross the Pravara River on the trail. Towards the end of the trek, there are two ladders. The village Ratanwadi can be reached by road or boat from Bhandardara. It is a 6 km journey and further by the boat, it is a 4 km walk till Ratanwadi. The best time to visit Ratangad is the post-monsoon season of October to December.

Kalsubai Trek :

Kalsubai Trek

Maharashtra does not have any limit for trekking destinations and if it is a monsoon, then the number of trekkers would shoot up to a great height. The Sahyadri hill ranges are large enough to encompass umpteen number of trekking spots. Kalsubai is one fine example of an exciting trekking trip and adventure junkies would fall for the trails that are easy yet unpredictably amazing.

Kalsubai mountain seems to be the highest peak in Maharashtra and thus it is considered to be one of the best places for trekking near Mumbai. The peak is located at a height of about 1646 meters above sea level in the Sahyadris in Akole taluka of Ahmednagar district. In the base of the peak, one can see a small temple of Kalsubai and from the top, the views of the surroundings are of greater importance.

There are Harihargad, Anjaneri, Ratangad, Brahmagiri, Kulang and many more in the surroundings. Like any other trek, Kalusbai trek also gives you one base to start it from that is Bari Gaon with a population of a few hundred. On the trails, you would be able to find steel railings, chains, ladders etc to help you climb smoothly at the places of slight difficulty. There are various trekking routes as well as the animal track to reach the pinnacle and the main route originates at Bari Gaon, located about 6 kilometers away from Bhandardara.

Trek to Andharban, Pune :


During this weekend, head for an exciting trek to Andharban with your best buddies and all your loved ones to engage in a fun and exciting time! Andharban means a dark dense forest. This trek is almost based on descending from the peak. It is one of the beautiful trees and there are lots of things to explore.

You will be walking on a ridge that offers an awesome view of the Kundalika Valley, Bhira dam and the mountain ranges of Tamhini ghat. During this trek, there will be scores of evergreen forests which covers you with a relaxing shade in the first half of the trek (6-8 km). The trek descends down in Konkan to reach Bhira also. The valley is the origin of the Kundalika river famous for its white water river rafting and other adventure activities.